2018 Top Exhibition Roses

For the 2018 season, RoseShow.com recorded the results of 106 U.S. rose shows, representing approximately 89 percent of the shows held. These are the top roses represented in U.S. rose shows.

Results are tabulated for roses that have received royalty awards or have appeared as individual specimens in the district and national challenge classes.  For tabulation purposes, Queen is awarded six points, with five points for King, four for Princess, and three each for roses appearing in the Court of Honor and the challenge classes.

In all other classes the results list a running three-year total of the number of trophy-winning entries.

For the first time, a report is presented on the top winners of the Most Fragrant class at rose shows. Not all shows reported the winners of such classes, however the results are a fair sampling of the roses that win this class. In the case where multiple classes were offered, e.g, a class for Most Fragrant Hybrid Tea and a speared class for Most Fragrant Shrub, both winners were recorded. The chart compiles a ten-year record of the winners of such classes.

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