06-17 Cleveland RS

Cleveland Rose Society
June 17, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

Best Exhibit of the Show, Altissimo, Susan & Peter Schneider

Queen, Hot Princess, Bill & Anita Solarz

King, Let Freedom Ring, Susan & Peter Schneider

Princess, Folklore, Cal Schroeck

Duke, Veterans Honor, Cal Schroeck

HT Spray, Colossus, Corky Thacker & Jeff Sommer

Floribunda Bloom, Hot Cocoa, Dalia Armonas

Fl Spray Queen, Tuscan Sun, Cal Schroeck

Fl Spray King, Georgette, Susan & Peter Schneider

Fl Spray Princess, Floral Fairytale, Susan & Peter Schneider

Polyantha, Deutsches Danzig, Susan & Peter Schneider

Threes – Same HT or Gr, Olympiad, Cal Schroeck

Cycle of Bloom, Olympiad, Cal Schroeck

Mixed HT, Gr, F, Let Freedom Ring, Focus,  Melody Maker, Susan & Peter Schneider

Largest Rose Bloom, Veterans Honor, Cal Schroeck

Climber, Altissimo, Susan & Peter Schneider

Classic Shrub, Hart Crane, Susan & Peter Schneider

Modern Shrub Queen, Flower Girl, Susan & Peter Schneider

Modern Shrub King, Rhapsody in Blue, Corky Thacker & Jeff Sommer

Modern Shrub Princess, Robusta, Susan & Peter Schneider

Most Fragrant, Mister Lincoln, Dalia Armonas

Genesis, Rosa arkansana “Peppermint”, Corky Thacker & Jeff Sommer

Dowager Queen, Charlemagne, Susan & Peter Schneider

Victorian Award, Stämmler, Corky Thacker & Jeff Sommer

Single or Semi-double, Pink Surprise, Susan & Peter Schneider

Jerabek Rose, Our Pearl, Cal Schroeck

Seedling, Seedling  2013 (lp single), Cal Schroeck

Unidentified Variety, “Breckenridge”, Cal Schroeck

Mini Queen, Chessies Favorite, Bill & Anita Solarz

Mini King, Daddy Frank, Bill & Anita Solarz

Mini Princess, Glowing Amber, Bill & Anita Solarz

Mini Single, Caesars Rose, Bill & Anita Solarz

Mini Open, Arizona Sunset, Bill & Anita Solarz

Miniflora Queen, Autumn Splendor, Bill & Anita Solarz

Miniflora King, Whirlaway, Bill & Anita Solarz

Miniflora Princess, Shawn Sease, Bill & Anita Solarz

Mini Spray, Pacific Serenade, Cal Schroeck

Three Miniatures - Same, Edisto, Bill & Anita Solarz

Five Miniatures - Same, The Streak, Bill & Anita Solarz

Min. Rose in a Bowl, Chessies Favorite, Bill & Anita Solarz

Min. Magic of Roses, Bouquet of Min and MinFl, Bill & Anita Solarz

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