NCNH District

NCNH District Rose Show
October 7, 2018
Lodi, California


J Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy
No entries

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Karen Ernsberger
‘Tropical Twist’, ‘Minnie Pearl’, ‘Sweet Revenge’, ‘Kristin’, ‘Aristocrat’, ‘Iced Raspberry’, ‘Beauty Secret’

Edwin and Darley Lisherness Trophy
(3 white HT)
No entries

Dr. D. Jay Nichols Trophy
(3 yellow HT)
No entries

Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy
(3 pink HT)
No entries

Clyde H. Stocking Memorial Trophy
(3 pink blend HT)
No entries

Alfred Leloy, Jr Memorial Trophy
(3 red HT)
No entries

Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy
(3 HT introduced within the last 5 years)
No entries

Esther K. Hughes "Peace Trophy
No entries

American Rose Foundation Windsounds Trophy
(Cycle of bloom]
Not awarded

Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy
(3 HT, 1 each Gr & Fl sprays)
No entries

Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy
(1 HT, 1 Gr, 1 Fl)
No entries

J. Harvey Brown Perpetual Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
No entries

Ramona Stocking Trophy
(1 Fl spray)
Lou Evans

AARS Challenge Class
No entries

Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy
(Fragrant red HT)
Steve Jones
‘Chrysler Imperial’

Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy
(3 mauve]
Lou Evans
’Escapade’, ‘Della Reese’, ‘Sterling Silver’

Bill & Muriel Humenick Trophy
(3 blends)
Lou Evans
‘Jolene Adams’, ‘Family Holiday’, ‘Liberty Bell’

Annette Dobbs Trophy
(One stem, any type single)
Lesa Lane
‘Mrs. Oakley Fisher’

District Director's Miniflora Rose Trophy
(5 MinFl)
Baldo Villegas
‘Nancy Jean’, ‘Baldo Villegas,’, ‘Robin Alonso’, ‘Jolene Adams’, ‘Butter Cream’

Clay Morgan Perpetual Trophy
(English box)
Not awarded 

Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy
(Mini English box)
Baldo Villegas
‘You’re the One’, ‘Sunshine Girl’, ‘Glowing Amber’, ‘Bee’s Knees’, ‘Joy’, ‘Jean Kenneally’


LWRS Memorial Rose Award
Mark Ackerman
‘Pope John Paul II’

Miniature Stages of Bloom
Scott & Jamie Becker
‘Child’s Play’

Rose in a Wine Bottle
Eleanor Ackerman
‘Bles Bridges’

Miniature Rose in a Bowl
Cherry Hoover

Miniflora Rose in a Bowl
Eleanor Ackerman
‘Leading Lady’

Hybrid Tea Rose in a Bowl
Lou Evans
‘Black Magic’

Old Garden or Shrub Rose in a Bowl
Lesa Lane

Large flowered Rose in a Frame
Lou Evans
‘Souv de la Malmaison’

Best Trailing Rose
Baldo Villegas
‘Gartendirektor Otto Linne’

Best Rose Bouquet
Marjorie Cordero

Youth-One bloom per stem, any type rose
Holly Wilson

Open to the Public-any type of rose
Holly Wilson


Queen, Veteran's Honor, Knowles, Linda

King, Bles Bridges, Ackerman, Eleanor

Princess, Brigadoon, Evans, Lou

HT Spray, Gemini, Ackerman, Eleanor

Gr Spray, Wild Blue Yonder, Gordon, Barbara

Fl Bloom, Violet's Pride, Evans, Lou

Fl Spray Queen, Eureka, Evans, Lou

Fl Spray King, Julia Child, Cook, Gregg

Fl Spray Princess, Playboy, Jelten, Kathryn

Poly Spray, The Fairy, Villegas, Baldo

Modern Shrub Queen, Quietness, Evans, Lou

Modern Shrub King, Gartendirektor Otto Linne, Ernsberger, Karen

Austin Shrub, Princess Anne, Jones, Steve

Climber, Don Juan, Gordon, Barbara

Dowager, La Reine, Jones, Steve

Victorian, Cineraine, Ernsberger, Karen

Fragrant, Golden Celebration, Rouse, Robert

Mini Queen, Joy, Villegas, Baldo

Mini King, Magic Show, Villegas, Baldo

Mini Princess, Edisto, Burnham, Jan

Mini Open, Golden Halo, Gordon, Barbara

Mini Spray, Orchid Jubilee, Villegas, Baldo

Miniflora Queen, Jolene Adams, Evans, Lou

Miniflora King, Tammy Clemons, Villegas, Baldo

Miniflora Princess, Baldo Villegas, Villegas, Baldo

Miniflora Open, Memphis Magic, Ferrero, Jennie

Miniflora Single, Simple Splendor, Villegas, Baldo

Miniflora Spray, Simple Splendor, Villegas, Baldo 

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