Gulf District

Gulf District Rose Show
October 20, 2018
Pineville, Louisiana

J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy
Not awarded

Ralph S, Moore District Trophy
Not awarded

Carson Scoggins Memorial Trophy
(3 HT different color)
Not awarded

Marjorie M. Conn Memorial Trophy
(7 minis same variety)
Not awarded

Dr. Harold B. Hayden Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
Not awarded

Howard Berry Trophy
(5 HT - one variety)
Not awarded

ARS Challenge Class
Not awarded

Claudius A Mayo Challenge
(3 different OGR)
Billie Flynn
‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’, ‘Green Rose’, ‘Slater's Crim-son China’

Griffith Buck Challenge
(3 shrubs)
Karen & Gregory Constant
'Evelyn', 'Wollerton Old Hall', 'English Garden'

Gulf District Rose of the Year
Marie & Clyde Bartlett
 ‘Julia Child’


Matched Pair of Hybrid Teas
‘Randy Scott’
Tina & Floyd Hebert

Artist’s Palette with HT
'Randy Scott', 'Doubt Delight', 'Moonstone', 'St Patrick', 
Tina & Floyd Hebert

Rose in a Frame with a HT
‘Veterans' Honor’
Tina & Floyd Hebert

Artist’s Palette with Floribunda, OGR or Shrub
'Abraham Darby', 'Evelyn', 'Tamora', 'Graham Thomas', 'English Garden
Karen & Greg Constant

Rose in a Frame with Shrub
‘The Dark Lady’
Karen & Greg Constant

English Box with OGR or Shrub
‘William Shakespeare 2000’
Marie & Clyde Bartlett

Seedling by Amateur Hybridizer
'Fairhope' x 'Night Owl

Phil Leonard

Collection of Blooms
'Moonstone', 'Don Juan', 'St Patrick', 'Veterans' Honor', 'Affirm', 'Doubt Delight

Tina & Floyd Hebert

Min/Miniflora Cycle of Bloom
‘Robin Alonso’
Marie & Clyde Bartlett

Min/Miniflora Matched Pair
‘Louisville Lady’
Marie & Clyde Bartlett

Min/Miniflora Rose in a Bowl
‘Luscious Lucy’
Abby & Phil Leonard

Miniature English Box
JoyAbby & Phil Leonard


Queen, Randy Scott, Hebert, Tina & Floyd

King, Pop Warner, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Princess, Great Scott, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

HT/Gr Open, Elle, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Fl Bloom, Karoo, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Fl Spray, Eutin, Texada, Kelly

Poly Spray, Clotilde Soupert, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Classic Shrub, Sally Holmes [S], Texada, Kelly

Modern Shrub, Perdita, Constant, Karen & Gregory

Climber, Don Juan, Hebert, Tina & Floyd

Dowager, Louis Philippe, Kelley, Ken

Victorian, Mrs. Dudley Cross, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Fragrant, Fragrant Cloud, Constant, Karen & Gregory

Mini Queen, Joy, Leonard, Abby & Phil

Mini King, Fairhope, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Mini Princess, Giggles, Engert, Julie

Mini Court, Bee's Knees, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Mini Court, Kristin, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Mini Court, Jilly Jewel, Leonard, Abby & Phil

Miniflora Queen, Shameless, Leonard, Abby & Phil

Miniflora King, Charismatic, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Miniflora Princess, Abby Leonard, Bartlett, Clyde & Marie

Miniflora Court, Cooper, Kelley, Ken

Miniflora Court, Nancy Jean, Leonard, Abby & Phil

Miniflora Court, Ambiance, Leonard, Abby & Phil

Min/MinFl Open, Shameless, Leonard, Abby & Phil

Min/MinFl Spray, Cooper, Kelley, Ken


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