Central District

September 20, 2014

Central District Rose Show

Colfax, Iowa


Portland "City of Roses" Trophy
Bob & Doris House
'Apache Tears', 'Cajun Sunrise', 'Classic Touch', 'Moonstone', 'Pop Warner’


J Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy
Bob & Doris House
'Dublin', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Special Merit', 'Veterans Honor', 'Uncle Joe'

Ralph S. Moore District Award
Don & Joan Swanson
'Bee's Knees', 'Irresistible', 'Klassy Sunrise', 'Luis Desamero', 'Miss Flippins', 'Soroptomist International', 'Ty'

Wichita Rose Society Trophy
(5 HT different color classes)
No entries

Max Woolery Trophy
(3 different red HT)
Bob & Doris House
'Big Red', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Uncle Joe'

Rose Society of the Ozarks Trophy
(3 pink HT)
Bob & Doris House

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Lewis District Trophy
(3 white HT)
Bob & Doris House
'Artic Circle', 'Randy Scott', 'Suffolk'

Lincoln Rose Society Trophy
(5 open blooms)
No entries

Omaha Rose Society Trophy
(HT cycle of bloom)
No entries

Paul D. Morgan District Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
No entries

Greater St. Louis Rose Society Trophy
(Matched pair)
Bob & Doris House
'Cajun Sunrise'

No entries

Linn County Rose Society Trophy
(5 mini or miniflora)
Stan & Linda Horton
Bee's Knees, 'Baldo Villegas', 'Fairhope', 'Shameless; 'Tiffany Lynn'

Bob & Doris House Trophy
(4 AOE winners)
Not awarded

Joe Maupin Trophy
(mini bloom cycle)
Stan & Linda Horton
'Memphis King'

Larry and Barbara Buster Keeper
(4 MinFl)
Stan & Linda Horton
'Abby's Angel', 'Baldo Villegas', 'Conundrum', 'Cooper'

Greater Kansas City Rose Council Trophy
(English box)
Bob & Doris House
'Uncle Joe'

William & Mary Ann Brooks Trophy
(Mini/Min/fl box)
Stan & Linda Horton
'Daddy Frank', 'Dancing Flame', 'Dr. Tommy Cairnes', 'Eternal Flame', 'Lady Bren', 'Miss Flippins'

Topeka Rose Society Trophy

(Rose in bowl)

Mike & Anita Eckley

'Rina Hugo'

E.V. Kimbrew Trophy

(Mini bowl)

Don & Joan Swanson

'Soroptimist International'

Satterlee Memorial Trophy

(MinFl bowl)

John & Peg Slusher

'Show Stopper


Best in Show Cajun Sunrise  (Matched Pair) Bob & Doris House
Queen Louise Estes Don & Joan Swanson
King Pop Warner Bob & Doris House
Princess Uncle Joe Bob & Doris House
Court Affirm Bob & Doris House
Court Big Red Bob & Doris House
Court Classic Touch Bob & Doris House
Court Desperado Bob & Doris House
Court Mavrik Bob & Doris House
Court Sister Jane Bob & Doris House
Court Touch of Class Bob & Doris House
HT Open Love and Peace Jim McCann
HT/Gr Spray Gr& Amore Gary & Linda Osborn
Fl Spray Queen Stadt den Helder Mike & Anita Eckley
Fl Spray King Natali Ed & Dee Pagliai
Fl Spray Princess Fifi Gary & Linda Osborn
Fl Bloom Scentimental Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Climber Altissimo Ed & Dee Pagliai
Dowager Marchesa Boccella Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Modern Shrub Milwaukee's Calatrava Mike & Anita Eckley
Sweepstakes - Large Roses 21 Blues Bob & Doris House
Mini Queen Soroptimist International Don & Joan Swanson
Mini King Daddy Frank Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Mini Princess The Lighthouse Judy Rogers
Mini Court Seattle Scentsation Doug & Karen Cates
Mini Court Alysheba Gary & Linda Osborn
Mini Court Edisto Gary & Linda Osborn
Mini Court Mobile Jubilee Gary & Linda Osborn
Mini Court Tennessee Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Mini Court Memphis King Stan & Linda Horton
Mini Court Tooth of Time Stan & Linda Horton
Mini Single Simple Splendor Gary & Linda Osborn
Mini Open Pierrine Ed & Dee Pagliai
Mini Spray Marriotta Doug & Karen Cates
Miniflora Queen Dr. Troy Garret Mike & Anita Eckley
Miniflora King First Choice Judy Rogers
Miniflora Princess Foolish Pleasure Gary & Linda Osborn
Miniflora Court Baldo Villegas Gary & Linda Osborn
Miniflora Court Flawless Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Miniflora Court Whirlaway Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Miniflora Court Solar Flair Doug & Karen Cates
Miniflora Court Abby's Angel Mike & Anita Eckley
Miniflora Court Shameless Stan & Linda Horton
Miniflora Court Tiffany Lynn Ed & Dee Pagliai
Miniflora Open Dr. Troy Garret Judy Rogers
Miniflora Spray Baldo Villegas Gary & Linda Osborn
Sweepstakes - Min/MinFl 17 Blues Clifton & Marge Godfrey
Most Fragrant La France Brendan Moore
Judge's R rugosa Lois Helgeson

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