‘Crescendo' - New to Horizon Roses Honor Roll

Crescendo by Rich Baer

Photograph by Rich Baer

Horizon Roses 2016 In Process – Comments Solicited

Horizon Roses is a compilation of comments by the nation's top rose exhibitors on the exhibition potential of the newest hybrid teas, floribundas, miniflora and miniature roses.

Horizon Roses 2016 is now underway and serious rose exhibitors are invited to submit a report for inclusion in this year's edition. The deadline for reports is July 15. If interested, please write down your comments on the best new roses in your garden and email them to National Editor, Bob Martin at petrose@aol.com. As always, Horizon Roses emphasizes exhibition roses, so your views are solicited on how your new hybrid teas, floribundas, miniature and miniflora roses will perform on the show table. For reference purposes, Horizon Roses considers a rose "new" if it has been introduced or otherwise become generally available in the last five years.

To assist in making reports, you may download a checklist of new roses here. 

More information on Horizon Roses 2015 is available here.

Spring 2016 Edition of Rose Exhibitors' Forum

The Spring 2016 issue of Rose Exhibitors' Forum is available in the Members Only area of the ARS website .

You will need the password to access the latest issue. It is found on the Departments page in your latest issue of the American Rose.

Edited by Robert B. Martin Jr., Rose Exhibitors’ Forum is a quarterly bulletin of the American Rose Society that reports results of official ARS rose shows and publishes informative articles of interest to rose exhibitors. This current issue consisting of 161 pages presents the annual articles on Top Exhibition Roses of 2015 and Queens of Show (2011-2015). The issue also includes an article on the History of the Earl of Warwick Urn plus an article by renowned exhibitor Dr Satish Prabhu on the Changing Face article of the Earl of Warwick Urn challenge national challenge class. In addition, the issue announces the composition of the National Horticultural Exhibitors’ Committee and presents additional articles of interest to exhibitors.

2015 Top Exhibition Roses Revealed

For the 2015 season, Rose Exhibitors’ Forum recorded the results of 127 U.S. rose shows, representing approximately 92 percent of the shows held. Charts showing the top roses represented in U.S. rose shows may be viewed here.

2016 Official List Available as Download

The 2016 Official List of Approved Exhibition Names for Exhibitors & Judges is available in electronic form for $15 as a pdf on the American Rose Society website. It may be found in the store under the “Shop” tag – click on New Products once you enter the Store. A direct link to the listing is here.

This version can easily be used on your portable electronic devices when you are judging or entering roses.

The Official List is also now available from Lulu for $25 with a 10% dicount for members.

Combined Rose List 2016 Available

The Combined Rose List 2015 was published on March 30 2016 and is now available for immediate shipment at$28 per copy. Further details are available here. To order send your check in the amount of $28 per copy to Peter Schneider, Box 677, Mantua, Ohio 44255, or order by Paypal or credit card  here.

Horizon Roses 2015

Horizon Roses is a compilation of comments by the nation's top rose exhibitors on the exhibition potential of the newest hybrid teas, floribundas, miniflora and miniature roses. For most exhibitors, it has long been considered the indispensible guide to buying new show roses.

Horizon Roses 2015 contains 1,611 reports  by a record 109 reporters from 29 different states on the exhibition potential of 209 roses introduced in the last five years. The reports include 36 new roses not mentioned in prior issues. All comments are candid and reported in the words of the reporter. Supplementing the comments are individual photographs of 173 roses. The reports are set forth alphabetically and include statistics of the current show results of the reported varieties. In addition, information is provided on known sources.

More information on Horizon Roses 2015 is available here.

Horizon Roses 2015  is available in electronic format for Kindle at a price of $7.99. It can be ordered at Amazon.com here. 

Those who do not have a Kindle can download the free Kindle Reading App for their iPad, iPhone, Android phone or whatever else you read on by clicking here.

In the alternative, those who want a PDF version can mail a check for $7.99 payable to Roseshow Investments, LLC , 3291 Old Oak Tree Ln, Escondido, CA 92026-8416.

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